Dry and frizzy hair like straw? You can easily solve it with one trick!

1.Characteristics of dry hair

Dryness and frizz are the biggest characteristics of dry hair.At the same time, because of insufficient oil secretion from the scalp, the hair will lose its luster and become more likely to knot.

Another important feature of dry hair is that it is difficult to comb in wet hair, and it is easy to break due to lack of flexibility.

2.Characteristics of damaged hair

In addition to all the characteristics of dry hair, damaged hair will have obvious hair breakage and split ends.When judging whether it is dry hair or damaged hair, you can observe whether the hair ends are severely split and tangled into a group. The damaged hair will be more serious than dry hair.

3.Causes of dry hair

(1)Poor blood circulation to the scalp

Poor blood circulation to the scalp can lead to insufficient secretion of oil from the scalp and loss of water from the hair. The hair lacks nourishment of oil and water and becomes dry and frizzy.

(2)Perm dyeing

Chemicals are used when perming and dyeing hair. These chemicals will squeeze out the nutrients in the hair in order to characterize or color the hair, making the hair dry, and the residue of chemicals in the hair will continue to damage the hair after perming.


Anemia and certain endocrine diseases can also cause hair to become dry and dry.

4.Dry hair care

(1)Use hairdressing tools as little as possible

Hairdressing tools such as hair dryers, splints, and curlers all use high temperature to accelerate the dryness and shape of the hair. The water and oil content of dry hair is originally low, and it will be lost faster after high temperature. It became more dull and dull.

(2)It is better not to perm

Perm will go through chemical corrosion and high temperature damage, which will cause greater damage to dry hair and become dry and frizzy.

(3)Hair mask or conditioner is more effective

For the care of dry hair, in addition to some precautions in daily life, hair masks and conditioners are also good little helpers for moisturizing hair.(For specific usage, see the following article:

The way you wash your hair may be wrong.

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