The star’s favorite braided hair styling

Kristen Stewart showed us a messy and loose twist braid, leaving a few long curly hair in front of the forehead, set against the brown-yellow hair color, the twist braid is fixed on the back, full of texture and three-dimensional sense.

Nicole Kidman’s simple style braided braid hairstyle, the partial bangs have the effect of modifying the face shape, and the long bangs volume will add a soft feminine atmosphere, plus the elegant side braids, a few strands of bangs will be randomly In front of the forehead, exudes a strong ladylike temperament. The classic twist braid hairstyle was interpreted by Nicole Kidman with a new fashion sense, with black dress and pink makeup, plus the decoration of earrings, showing a fresh and elegant style. A big star with a trendy child can show the fashion sense of a big name as long as she dresses a little.

This braided braid hairstyle by Eli Fanning has long blond hair with a braid braided directly on top of her head, which becomes her crown, adding a bit of fashion to her cuteness.
It looks like a beautiful princess, with light makeup, fresh and moving.
The twisting method of this braided hair is also relatively easy. At a glance, the girl who likes it may wish to try it out to create a sweet and full-feel shape for herself.

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