Fashion Braid Design——French Bridal Hair

Summer is the season for braiding your hair.Braids will make people feel cool and beautiful,another advantage of braiding your hair is that it is easy to take care of your hair,after the hair is braided, the hair will not become messy and frizzy.

The following is a simple and easy-to-learn French braid tutorial.Come and try it with us!

1.Comb the hair smoothly, take three strands of hair from one side, and weave like the picture;

2.Next, take a strand of hair in sequence and continue knitting, as shown;

3.Braid your hair into a braid, leaving the right amount of hair on the other side;

4.Braid the other side of the hair;

5.As shown in Figure 5, fix the braided hair behind the ear;

6.Repeat the above steps for another braid, see Figure 6;

7.Wear a headdress.