Teach you how to make delicious toothpick sausage rolls for the party

Toothpick sausage roll is an indispensable delicious food in the party. It is not only convenient to take, but also delicious. It is loved by both adults and children.Therefore, making delicious toothpick sausage rolls can make our party more popular and sought after.

Now introduce a kind of toothpick sausage roll.

  1. After the dough is fermented, roll it into a flat shape with a rolling pin, and then cut it into squares of the same size with a knife;
  2. Cut the sausage into sections;
  3. Wrap a piece of sausage with a piece of square dough and put them on the toothpick together. About three groups can be put on one toothpick, which can be adjusted according to personal preference
  4. Brush the sausage roll with butter and put the cheese on it;
  5. Put it in the oven and bake
  6. After baking, spread your favorite sauce and chopped vegetables.
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