Chuckling sausage roll — a sausage roll that will bring you good luck

It is very important to keep a good mood every day in life. But it is inevitable that people will be in a low mood. If you or your friends or family members or lovers are not happy, what should we do? You can make a Chuckling sausage roll to comfort yourself or your family and friends. You should know that comfort from friends is a good medicine to get rid of depression, and delicious sausage rolls with the meaning of blessing and good luck can better meet the needs of taste buds and stomach.

Here’s how to make a sausage roll:

1. Roll the dough into long strips;

2. Draw the sausage into the long dough according to the method shown in the figure;

3. Brush with egg white;

4. Cover with bread bran;

5. Cut a crack on it with scissors;

6. Squeeze cream into the cracks;

7. Brush a layer of butter and bake in the oven;

8. Give this sausage roll with good luck to yourself or your family and friends!