10 Trendy Short Nails Design For Spring 2020

These delicate appearance of your nails is ideal for your everyday wear,can reduce your daily collocation troubles .

1.This nail design is simple and elegant, suitable for work and leisure.

2. This design is playful, cute and slightly mature, suitable for dating and commuting.

3. This design has the charm of a queen, exuding mature charm while being a bit cute.

4. This is a gel plus gradient design that is as clear as water, suitable for work, study and social.

5.This color scheme is very cute, simple and fun, and can be matched with various clothes.

6.This match is pure and simple, young and fashionable, suitable for work, study, travel.

7.This nail is light-baked design, very texture, gentle and elegant.

8.This nail is a jumping color design, gentle and cute, suitable for reading, writing, and taking pictures.

9.The difference between this nail and the previous one is that it adds colorful design and star decoration, which is suitable for shopping, dating, watching movies or doing anything you like.

10.This nail design incorporates stylish pattern decoration, vibrant and avant-garde.

11.The last design must be tried in 2020. Gel materials, color gradients and colorful gold edges, pretty nails bring you a good mood all day.

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