77+ Pure Color Creative Nail Art Appreciation in 2020

1.Strong red

Red feels sometimes enthusiastic like fire, sometimes subtle like embers.It is the color of life, just like every girl will have a red dress, and red is indispensable in life.In the same way, try red nail art once and see what surprises it will bring to life!

2.Light coffee

Coffee color is also called brown. Light coffee looks like new wood, dark coffee looks like caramel.Common and easy to match in life, examples are milk tea, earth, caramel and our complexion. It gives a gentle and elegant feel.

3.Smoke gray

Gray is an overbearing neutral color. Gray nails represent the coexistence of reason and emotion, showing the strong charm of women.

4.Soft pink

Almost every girl, whether an adult or a child, cannot resist the temptation of pink. There will always be a time in life and our girls will list it as one of our favorite colors

5.Fog blue

Blue is the color of the sky, the color of the ocean, and also the color of some human eyes. It is ethereal, confused, and enlightened.

6.Lost purple

Mysterious purple, I don’t know why, when a girl has a little secret, its favorite color will change from pink to purple.

7.Tranquil moment

If you still can’t choose your favorite color, then check out this special combination. They are the edges of some colors, or the middle of two colors.

8.Red white black

Finally, we offer you three classic colored nail designs.Represents women’s temptation, senses and maturity.