A collect of nail art design with amazing pretty flower and plants

We always want to have beautiful things, such as beautiful clothes, perfect figure, beautiful face, decent work, comfortable home. Some of these things are easy to get, while others are difficult. But what if there is no perfect thing? At least we can choose to make ourselves a beautiful person and have a pair of eyes to discover beauty.

If you look closely, you will find beautiful things everywhere in life, such as beautiful flowers and tall trees. This article happens to be about applying beautiful flowers and plants to nail design.

A lot of flower plant nail art tutorials are collected here, let’s do it! If you can’t keep up, you can pause or watch more times.( If the video doesn’t play smoothly, you can download it to your phone to use it when you need it. )

1.White peony

White peony represents purity, dignity, and symbol of trustworthiness