(Cute animal) Make your own nail art, Tutorials which can be mastered in 10 seconds on average

There are many nail art tutorials about cute animals, let’s get started! If you can’t keep up, you can pause or watch more times.


In ancient Egypt, cats were regarded as sacred animals.

In medieval Europe, cats were regarded as incarnations of the devil.

In ancient China, cats were considered to have nine lives, thereby symbolizing those who were blessed with great destiny.

In today’s society, most people think of cats as a symbol of meekness.

Do you like cats? How does a cat make you feel?

This nail design is about the moon and the cat. Everyone has their own views on this design, regardless of what others think, it is right to follow our own thoughts.

This design may seem complicated, but you will definitely collect and try it after you finish reading it.( If the video doesn’t play smoothly, you can download it to your phone to use it when you need it. )