Natural scenery in nail art design——with video tutorials

1.Dreamy beachtutorials

Beach means travel, vacation and wellness. It provides people with a beautiful, comfortable life and gives people a feeling of purity.
If you are going to the beach or somewhere else for a holiday, you can also make a nail like this, as the occasion demands.

If you can’t go on vacation due to work or other reasons, you can choose to make such a nail style. Every time you see it, you suddenly feel happy.


2.Romantic stars

How should romance be defined?It is relating to love or a close loving relationship or it is exciting and mysterious and having a strong effect on your emotions.

These are the definitions of romance in the book. Regarding romance, I believe that every woman has a definition in it. What is your definition of romance?
The nail design below is about the stars and the night sky, and it may be a romantic definition in some people’s hearts.

Stars scattered in the universe, what a beautiful and romantic landscape, come and do it!

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