The way you shampoo may be wrong! How to shampoo to have beautiful hair?

The hair will become frizzy and dry if you don’t wash your hair correctly , and eventually become lifeless.

The following four simple steps will bring you healthy and bright hair!These steps are developed by the world’s top hair stylist through long-term practice .It is said that they are used by royal hair stylists in various countries.

In brief, the steps are as follows:

1.Wet the hair;

2. Wash with shampoo;

3.Repair the hair with conditioner ;

4 Dry the hair.

You may say that this is similar to my shampoo. Why is my hair still not ideal?

Details determine success or failure. Here are the details to note for each step .

Step 1:

Wet your hair first , it means more than just dipping your hair in water.We need to take 1-2 minutes to use flowing clean water to take away some of the dust and dirt on our hair, it also makes the shampoo easier to foam. You can adjust the time according to the amount of hair.

It is also important to clean the scalp adequately. Scalp is like soil, hair is like a plant, only clean and healthy scalp can grow healthy hair, so the cleaning of the scalp must be strengthened.

wet hair water,wash hair,shampoo

Step 2:

Pour shampoo into palm first, drop a few water again on top, knead gently, can produce rich foamy gradually, besmear these foamy even again next on the hair. Never pour shampoo directly into your hair! If you pour the shampoo directly into your hair and apply it from the center to the outside, the farther away you are from the area, the lower the shampoo level, local excessive shampoo concentration in the shampoo process is difficult to completely remove , it will cause damage to your scalp over time.

Gently rub the scalp in a circular motion with your finger cushion, which can play a role of local massage and promote blood circulation. This is especially important for people who are prone to hair loss. Generally, you can gently rub for 2 to 3 minutes. Do not scratch the scalp with your nails, as it can easily damage the scalp’s stratum corneum and cause the scalp’s defense ability to decline, which may cause local infection and suppuration.

Finally, rinse the shampoo with plenty of water. If you think your hair is not clean, repeat the above steps.

Note: When shampooing, don’t just wash “hair”, but clean the entire scalp, this is the best way to wash your hair.

Rub hair with shampoo foam,wash hair,shampoo

Step 3:

For hair care, some people may not have this habit, but if you have the time, you’d better use conditioner to maintain your hair.

The correct method is to pour the conditioner on the palm, apply it from the root of the hair, along the hair shaft to the tip of the hair as evenly as possible. After application, just leave it for 1 ~ 2 minutes, rinse with plenty of water until the sticky feeling disappears. No need to rinse for a long time, otherwise the active ingredients of the conditioner will be lost, and the hair care effect will be weakened.

Do not apply conditioner to the scalp ,if it is not rinsed, the scalp will be itchy.

Apply Conditioner,wash hair,shampoo

Step 4:

Dry your hair: Wrap your hair with a towel or a dry hair cap, then gently massage to dry out the moisture. Remember not to rub your hair or scalp vigorously with a towel to get wet, as this will damage the cuticles of the hair.

Then use the hot air of the hair dryer to blow the hair to 90% dry and then turn it to cold air, cooling will shrink the stratum corneum, the hair will become smooth, refreshing and fluffy.

So far, a complete hair washing process is over. Keep using this shampoo method, no more than 5 times, your hair will be very smooth and beautiful !

Girl with wrapped hair and frowning

To sum up,

1. Wet hair and scalp thoroughly;

2.Do not pour the shampoo directly into the hair and massage with nails.Pour the shampoo into the palm of your hand, rub it with your palms to produce foam, then rub it on your hair and scalp and gently massage

3.Do not apply conditioner to the scalp when using conditioner;

4.When drying, do not rub with a towel, but wrap your hair to absorb moisture, then blow it to 90% dryness with a hair dryer, and then turn to cold air.


In the case of dry, frizzy, split ends and knots, apply twice the amount of conditioner to shampoo evenly before shampooing, especially at the end of the hair. Wait for three or five minutes to rinse off and then wash your hair normally, so you can avoid hair loss caused by excessive pulling during hair washing.

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